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Long time no see
My favorite season is approaching and my god-awful (money-making) summer job is nearly over and things are starting to fall into place...

I'm going to Carleton. Going to attempt to finish a Bachelor's of something after 4 years of being a sometimes-student. My major in anthropology is not preventing me from taking both a course on Astronomy AND on Dinosaurs.
I'm still living at home, in my my mom's basement. I now own a car and spend lots of money paying for it. However, I am thoroughly enjoying the road trips. 
I'm going back to work at Bridgehead in the fall more than once a week. The coffee shop is a great place to be working when it's cold outside. People are happy in it. 
Went climbing yesterday for the first time in 4 months. Felt terrific afterwards. 
Have spent the last 2 months reading Stranger in a Strange Land. I'm pretty sure it took about as long to finish the previous book. Once you've spent 2 months reading a book, you forget about a 'book list', so better start ignoring that entry on my blog. 

So life is grand, and now it's time for bed.

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I need to go climbing! I have like 6 sessions left on my pass, too. The climbing wall I frequent is at the university, so it'd probably be better to go before class resumes.

Let's bond over transferring to Carleton and starting there on the 9th. Yes?

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