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"The essence of creativity in all things is what makes the universe shift"
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"Creativity is our responsibility, our purpose. One empowers oneself to do the impossible. The more impossible the more creative. The world around us opposes that in a powerful way. The world opposes all change. That nature of a defined set of structured knowledge is that it does not shift easily or automatically. One must expect opposition. To move from the known, you must know that the moment you make a decision in that direction, you totally oppose all and you face total disagreement. It is at that moment that you jump out there in a creative sense. To do otherwise is not new. It is not creative, but simply a shifting of pieces. "

"There is power in every individual because there is power in the word. Humans are very powerful in this way. To turn the realm of thought, which is abstract potential, into a thing of the physical world, through word, is powerful creativity as a natural act. The essence of creativity in all things is what makes the universe shift. It is to cause something to become from nothing. The word in that way is powerful. When we speak a word we declare something. We create it then it can be. It can become action. So it is a sacred act. We as humans are extremely powerful in this way"

Douglas Cardinal
architect -- most widely known for The Museum of Civilization,
also an incredibly inspiring speaker and writer,


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